The Audio Microwave Oven

Pricing: 700W software plug-in EUR 79.00

Instant key generation, installed demo required

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 Bank transfer to: Ploytec GmbH, BIC: VOLODE66

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   I want to order 700W definitely

Ploytec 700W

Here you can order 700W, a new approach to compression created in cooperation with intelligent sound & music.

Minimum system requirements: OSX 10.6 / Windows XP, Formats: VST2, VST3, AAX and Audio Units 32bit / 64bit

1. Download the plug-in: Mac / Windows and test it in demo mode:

700W for Mac (including manual)

700W for Windows (including manual)

2. If it works for you, please enter the lock code into the order form.

3. The ID and KEY values will be sent to you instantly by eMail (please also check your spam folder in case of problems)

4. Enter the ID and KEY in the registration dialogue. After restart the full version appears.

You can request a free license for two more of your computers. Every computer will get its own registration code.