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- Can't find your support issue?

Please send a plain description of your problem (including OS, computer specs, software, hardware, etc.) to

We'll do our best to work things out.

Typical support issues:

- I get an error message installing the Windows driver!?
Please send the usb_audio_setup.log from Windows/Temp and setupapi.log from Windows folder along with the name of the soundcard you tried to install. (That's the names on XP, other Windows version have similar file naming, e.g. Windows7: C:\Windows\Temp\USB_AUDIO_SETUP.LOG and C:\Windows\inf\
By the way, "timeout" means the hardware you plugged into the computer is not compatible with this driver.

- Do I need to reinstall the driver if I want to use a different USB port?
Mac: No. Windows: With most units: yes. That's part of the Windows concept. Only a few products take advantage of technical possibilities avoiding that.

- I have trouble uninstalling the driver on Windows7
Go to Device Manager, locate the software in the "Universal Serial Bus" section (very important to locate it here!), uninstall the driver and check the "delete driver software" option. (It seems to be Windows philosophy now to block uninstallation of drivers...)

- Using a USB hub I get bad performance, any solution?
If you use a USB2 hub the data might be delayed due to necessary buffering on changing the speed. Use a USB1.1 hub instead if it's a USB (USB1.1) full speed product. Also, there's two different ways to build USB2.0 hubs - try to use a "multiple transaction translator" hub.

- My device doesn't work correctly on a USB3.0 port, how can I make it work?
Win: Make sure to install the latest USB host controller drivers for your motherboard chipset or USB controller card.
With some newer Macs there's poor USB performance, this product will give you reliable USB:

- Is there a way to use your driver software on Mac OS X with sandboxed applications?
As our driver makes 1:1 direct bitaccurate audio connections, unfortunately there's no way to do this with sandboxed apps. We developed an alternative CoreAudio connection to be used in this case, which already implements latest CoreAudio technology.

- Error Message: "Could not be loaded" / "No ASIO driver" / "Out of memory" / "At least two audiochannels needed"
The USB driver had not been loaded properly. Try plugging the interface after the boot process.
Win: If this doesn't help: Install the driver again. Extigy: disconnect Extigy from the power supply for a few seconds before restarting the computer after installation.
Mac: You can check if the driver's loaded using "About this Mac" / Software - Extensions. The "PGUSBAudio" extension has to be visible.
If you're using Digidesign's Mbox disable the Digidesign USB extension in order to use the USB ASIO driver.

- Audio disappears or turns into full scale white noise after a while
If your interface is based on a TAS1020 chip (e.g. the "Trio"), try a USB PCI card.

- Time after time I hear crackles on audio output, what can I do?
Win: Switch off the "Intel SpeedStep" / "AMD PowerNow!" BIOS option on Windows laptops. Checkout this tool:
Sometimes this problem is also caused by cables and hubs. You should use high quality USB equipment only. Possibly it is caused by limited computer performance (e.g. using "highspeed mode"): switch to another mode.
In some cases other driver (e.g. WLAN) are blocking the computer from time to time. There's tools to detect overload situations, assisting you to find the source of the problem:

- I can't playback audio CDs via USB?
Win: The CD drive must be able to read audio CDs in digital mode. To select this enter Start -> Settings -> Control panel. Open "multimedia", select the folder "Audio CD" and activate "enable digital CD-audio for this device".
DMA datatransfer has to be enabled for using CD audio. Enter Start -> Settings -> Control Panel, open "System" and select the folder "Device manager". Select the CD-Drive in the list and click on properties, select the folder "Settings" and enable "DMA" in the "Options" group.
If the CD drive (or driver) does not support DMA transfer or digital audio, it's not possible to play audio CDs via USB.

- What will be added by the next updates?
More devices will be supported as soon as they are available and suitable for the driver.

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