SONIC'config 1.0ß2

Why SONIC'config?
When Opcode proposed it’s SONICport and DATport series, many of us mac users bought one, being sure that a set of drivers would be soon available.
These drivers should handle the data flow, but also modify the configuration of the device.
For that purpose, I started to write a series of USB and sound driver, whith the help of the USB team at Apple.
For the configuration changes, the Opcode device use an EEPROM that is loaded through the USB. Maria Rozen from Philips gave me the codes for the connection betwween USB and the EEPROM.
All worked fine until I encontered a weird timeout in the output driver. I Asked Opcode and Philips for help, but didn’t get any (The boss of the team at Philips even told me that they never would answer me anymore, what they did).
In the mean time Apple released MacOS 9, whith it’s audio drivers allowing to plug an opcode device on the USB.
But these drivers can’t change the devices’s settings. That’s why I wrote SONIC'config

What is SONIC'config
SONIC'config is a tool that allows the owners of a DATport or SONICport adapter to change the settings.
SONIC'config recognizes your device.
You can then choose a configuration.
SONIC'config uploads the new configuration map into the device.
N.B. AFTER USING SONIC'config, your device is no more autmatically seen as the default output device.
This means that you can now record through your Opcode device and playback though the normal sound output.

when you click on “Start Config”, the configuration process starts immediatly.
Never try to interrupt the configuration: a misprogramming of your device may make it unusable. If this happens, the eeprom needs to be manually reprogrammed by a specialist.
The programmation can sometimes fail, for unknown reasons. We are not responsible for this. Use this program at your own risks!
When the configuration is completed, unplug and replug your device.

Download SONIC'config 1.0ß2

SONIC'config stuffit format 24k.

SONIC'config stuffit binhex format 24k.

E. Gorouben