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Thank you for the driver. It works! I'm amazed and very excited. It had been so frustrating trying to use any multitracking program with my ibook before this. Well done. - Thomas (California)

Thanks a lot! It works excellent! - Olav (Norway)

Just though you'd like to know... This driver is working great with Digital Performer 3.0 UA-30, iMac 400mhz 512mb, OS 9.1. One thing though, when I first installed the driver I got a message: "This driver may on be compatible, etc, etc..." I just ignored it. Works fine. Thanks again. - Michael (Florida)


I just wanted to say thanks for the latest version of the driver. Since I bought Version 1 several months ago, it has improved considerably (not that I was unhappy with it in the first place). I was impressed by the true hotswapability of Version 2, but now the latency is so low as to no longer be apparent. I am almost shocked by this because, when I first looked into using my iMac to record audio, all the 'authoritative' sources said it was not worth the effort - that I would never get the quality I was looking for and I would be plagued by latency. I am using Logic Silver and a UA-30 and I am really thrilled by the latest results on audio recording. But I'm probably going to get a G4, as my 350Mz iMac is struggling a little. Has ASIO reached perfection? I also wanted to say how much I appreciate the free upgrades. It seems to be a hallmark of German firms to do this - as you may know, Logic do the same, to a degree. - Brian (UK)

I'd like to thank you guys for a product that has made me very happy! - Merlin (Canada)

Thanks for creating such a great driver (potentially!) with such a low latentcy. It is a saving grace for us musicians who use the new mac powerbooks! - James (New York)

I bought your ASIO driver and have been using it with great satisfaction so far. Thanks for your constant upgrade and support - Hwan (Massachusetts)

Thanks, the driver works perfect with my imic!!! - Pedro (Spain)

Thanks a lot!!! Now my usb audio is working all right on my mac! You offer a great service. - Valerio (Italy)

Just a note to let you know that I have bought some new equipment and I have sold my Roland UA-30 so I won't be needing any more updates. I always liked dealing with you and your company and I really appreciated your support. Thanks and continued success to you and Propogamma!! - Dave (Kentucky)

I just wanted to let you know, I bought the Mac ASIO driver a few weeks ago, and had no luck getting it to work at the time. I am using a Ti powerbook 500 with an iMic. I bought the driver to allow 24 bit throughput, and hoped to clear up the clicks I was having during recording. I am using Cubase 5.o r3 pb1, and loving it. The latest upgrade made it work beautifully, and I just wanted to say thanks! - Mike (Washington)

Thank you! Thank you! Your ASIO driver worked flawlessly with my UA-30. I will now upgrade from MacOS 9.1 to 9.2. I just couldn't get the SoundManager to play my files via the UA-30 under 9.2. Now I may have a chance. Again, thank you for a job well done!!! - Philip (California)

Thanks again for your prompt customer service and support getting it installed properly. This level of service is all too rare these days, especially online, and I really appreciate it. - David (Arkansas)

As usual- you are right, it was the energy setting- i found a group of "Mac optimizing" things at a cubase site- and turned off the energy settings to "never" (I never save energy!!) and that did it- I now have 7ms latency, the graphics track along with the playback..and you are a bleeding genius! thank you for your patience with a Mac idiot as well... I am going to have to relearn a lot of things with the Mac..but I think 6 months-to a year from now, when everything is running in X, it will be the right choice. I can finally get back to work. John (New Zealand)

Der Key ist angekommen & funktioniert. Vielen Dank nochmal, der Treiber bewegt mit dem UA30 mehr als Welten. - Chris (Germany)

Thanks for the USB-Audio Drivers. They worked great first time and installation was a breeze. Nick (UK)

The new driver is incredible. I have 4ms latency with it on a win 98 SE system with 600MB RAM PIII 733Mhz. Tremendous! - Cadence (New Jersey)

And thanks to you for supporting the Griffin iMic and other low-cost USB audio interfaces. It's great that we can now achive fast VST performance without having to spend hundreds of dollars on pro audio gear. I picked up an iMic today for $35US and had it running with your driver within an hour. - Boris (California)

With B4, it works great at Fast speed. ... I'm gonna buy your great drivers! Congratulations for your work ! -Thomas (France)

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